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The Compassionate Friends of Contra Costa County (TCF-CCC) is a California chapter of a nationwide, non-profit, self-help, grief-support organization. We offer friendship, understanding, comfort, and hope to East Bay Area families grieving the death of a child — of any age, from any cause.

December 2020

DEC 13 (Sun, 6:45 PM): “Candle Lighting: NOTE PLAN CHANGE”

Each second Sunday in December, Compassionate Friends worldwide light candles in memory of progeny gone too soon. Starting in New Zealand, as 7 PM arrives in each time zone, we light up and a virtual wave of light spreads over the globe, in remembrance of children whoʼve died.

Unfortunately (though perhaps unsurprisingly, given this yearʼs general trend), compliance with latest lockdown orders has compelled the cancellation of our in-person event. So please, stay home!

However, itʼll take a lot more than a lousy lockdown to stop us lighting candles for our beloveds at the appointed hour. (Whoʼs with me?)

Click this link to pre-register for the National Compassionate Friends’ Virtual Worldwide Candle Lighting (Zoom event . . . naturally!).

(Pre-registration required, but you can use the same link to get in starting at 6:30 PM on 12/13.)

Free “Surviving the Holidays” PDFs

Alan Pedersen just thoughtfully provided TCFCCC with some timely additional material which — after a bit of gratuitous spiffing-up to better befit the season — we are pleased to be able to offer you here and here.

DEC 9 (Weds, 7 PM): “Handling the Holidays”

This year, in lieu of our regular Holiday event, TCF Walnut Creek is proud to sponsor an award‐winning songwriter, recording artist and speaker whoʼll inspire us with hope‐filled words and music. Alan Pedersen and The Angels Across the USA is all about hope. Their tour is supported by hundreds of families and organizations whose loved ones have died.

This presentation will be offered via Zoom, from the comfort of your home.

Meeting ID: 815 8765 8839 — Passcode: K415Ux

Click here to access Compassionate Friends’ “Handling the Holidays” event with Alan Pedersen.

November 2020: Whole Lotta Zoomin’ Goin’ On

Notably this month, for the first time, we posted a “full” Zoom link right here on this page, and no weirdos bothered us . . . knock on wood! 🤞🤫🤞

We do look forward to resuming “F2F” meetings once itʼs safe; meantime, weʼre just trying to be responsible and help everyone stay healthy!

October 2020: Walk to Remember + Meeting

OCT 25 (Sun): the Walnut Creek chapter combined our monthly meeting with the annual “Walk to Remember”. A very kind non-TCF-affiliated person let us use their private lake. After lunch and the meeting, we did our walk and balloon release. Despite a forecast of arctic blast, the day was sunny and warm. (Thatʼs the awesome power of TCF!)

September 2020: Embrace the Zoom, already!

Both the Walnut Creek and San Leandro TCF chapters held their meetings on Zoom this month, in the former case due to continuing air-quality uncertainty, and in the latter because since quarantine began, twice-a-month Zoom meetings are just how we roll.

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