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The Compassionate Friends of Contra Costa County (TCF-CCC) is a California chapter of a nationwide, non-profit, self-help, grief-support organization. We offer friendship, understanding, comfort, and hope to East Bay Area families grieving the death of a child — of any age, from any cause.

July 2020: Walnut Creek to hold non-virtual meeting

The July 28th Walnut Creek meeting will be held in the parking lot of our regular meeting place (St. John Vianney, 1650 Ygnacio Valley Road). The time has been adjusted to 7-8:30 pm, so we can wrap up before dark.

A church representative will be taking temperatures upon your arrival.

Beatles Socially Distancing

Due to Social Distancing protocol, please wear a mask and bring your own chair. We are unable to provide refreshments, but you are more than welcome to bring your own for you and your family.

Note: The church restrooms will be closed. The closest restroom is located at Heather Farms.

July 2020: New website maintainer

Mike Detwiler recently agreed to assume oversight of this site. He says: “expect TCFCCC.org to change its look very soon — not because I want to, but because, in order to show up in web searches, it must be made ‘mobile-friendly’!”

Asked for an English translation, he explained that Google, mainly due to the rise of smartphones, has since 2016 prioritized indexing mobile sites. “Right now, a Google search for ‘grief support near me’ still doesn’t find our site even after 7+ pages of results!” Thus the urgency. Good luck with that geeky stuff!

With a wink, he added that what you’re reading right now is the first update this homepage has received since June 2014!

April 2020: Coronavirus Lockdown

Due to COVID-19, all physical chapter meetings are immediately suspended for the time being.

Virtual Meetings

As if coping with grief werenʼt already hard enough, a global pandemic adding enforced isolation creates a recipe for a serious mental health challenge. But Compassionate Friends support remains strong and unwavering.

If you have a personal computer, laptop, tablet or smartphone, after installing the Zoom app you can participate in our virtual TCF meetings from the comfort of your own home. If your device has a camera, we can see each other (a la “Hollywood Squares” or “Brady Bunch”):

people meeting by computer

Not everyone has (or uses) these devices, however. If you lack access and/or technical know-how, please call any one of us:

  • Charles Briggs 510-318-1449
  • Nancy Juracka 310-722-5425
  • Frances McCormick 925-930-8349
  • Stella Scafidi 925-933-4843
  • Suzanne Schandelmier 925-945-6659

and we can arrange to help get you set up to participate in the meetings — if not via Zoomʼs software, then perhaps by speakerphone. (There’s always a way. Together, we will figure it out!)

For more information about The Compassionate Friends and additional resources, visit TCFʼs national website at www.compassionatefriends.org.

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If you will leave your name and phone number, a Compassionate Friends member will return your call.

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Regional Coordinator:
Nancy Juracka, 310-722-5425

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