A library of books and CDs about bereavement is available each month at the Walnut Creek meeting. A list of the books is below.

Key: Any book with “Pro” listed after the "Kind" description means it was written by a professional grief counselor. Most others are written by parents who have lost one or more children.
Kind Author Title Date Publisher  
AIDS Fumia, M;. Honor Thy Children 1997 Press  
AIDS Glaser; Palmerr In the Absence of Angels 1991 Berkeley Books  
Baby Church;Chazin; Ewald When a Baby Dies 1981 Compassionate Friends  
Baby Cohen She Was Born She Died 1983 Centering Corp  
Baby Kohner; Henley When a Baby Dies 1991 Sands  
Baby Rank, M Free to Grieve Miscarriage & Stillbirth 1985 Bethany House  
Baby-Pro Horchler;Morris The SIDS Survival Guide 1994 SIDS Educ Service  
Baby-Pro Peppers; Knapp How to Go on Living After the Death of a Baby 1985 Peachtree Publishers  
Grief Bordow , J The Ultimate Loss 1982 USA Beauford Books  
Grief Baugher & Calija A Guide to for the Bereaved Survivor 1991 self  
Grief Bramblett When Good-bye is Forever 1991 Ballentine  
Grief Crider, T Give sorrow Words 1996 Alognquin Books  
Grief Eneroth , C Does Anybody Else Hurt this Bad – And Live 1991 Otis Publications  
Grief Fox I have No Intention of saying Good-bye 2001 Writer’s club  
Grief Fritsch;Ilse The Anguish of Loss 1988 Wintergreen Pr  
Grief Fumia , M Safe Passage 1992 Conarie Press  
Grief Hackett; Bevington Now Childless 1990 Compassionate Friends  
Grief Heavilin , M. When Your Dreams Die 1990 Here’s Life Publishers  
Grief Lager & Wagner Knowing Why Changes Nothing (Co-founder TCF) 1997 Options Pub co-founders of TCF
Grief Linn, E I know Just How You Feel 1986 Publishers Mark  
Grief Manning, D Don’t Take My grief Away 1979 Harper & Row  
Grief Mehren , E. After the Darkest Hour the Sun Will Shine Again 1997 Fireside  
Grief Rowley On the Wings of Mourning 1984 Word Books  
Grief Sims, D. Footsteps Through the Valley 1993 Big A & Co.  
Grief Staudacher , M Men & Grief 1991 New Harbinger  
Grief Stephany , M My Reflections on Grieving 1987 Vantage Press  
Grief Wagner, Sascha The Poems of Sascha Wagner 2008 Tennessee Valley Publishing 184 pages
Grief Sims, Darcie Why Are the Casseroles Always Tuna? A Loving Look at the Lighter Side of Grief 1999 Big A & Company 86 pages
Grief -Pro Cornils Managing Grief Wisely 1967 Cushing-Malloy  
Grief-Pro Baugher; Calija A Guide for the Bereaved Survivor 1981 self  
Grief-Pro Brown, E. Sun Rise Tomorrow 1988 Fleming Revell  
Grief-Pro Chesser , B. Because You Care 1971 Tindale House  
Grief-Pro Compassionate Friends edited We Need Not Walk Alone 1992 Compassionate Friends  
Grief-Pro group? Dear Parents 1989 Centering Corp  
Grief-Pro Johnson Children Die Too 1978 Centering Corp  
Grief-Pro Kander So I Will Comfort You 1990 Lux Verbi  
Grief-Pro Knapp, R. Beyond Endurance 1986 Schocken Books  
Grief-Pro Kubler -Ross Death—The Final Stage of Growth 1975 Prentaice -Hall  
Grief-Pro Kubler -Ross Questions & Answers On Death & Dying 1974 McMillian  
Grief-Pro Kuenning Helping You Through Grief 1973 Bethany House  
Grief-Pro Levine, S Who Dies 1982 Doubleday  
Grief-Pro McCracken; Semel A Broken Heart Still Beats 1998 Hazeldon  
Grief-Pro Miller When Going to Pieces Holds You Together 1976 Ausberg  
Grief-Pro Moody; Arcangel Life After Loss 2001 HarperCollins  
Grief-Pro Rando , T How To Go On Living When someone You Love Dies 1988 Bantam  
Grief-Pro Rosof , B The Worst Loss 1994 Henry Holt  
Grief-Pro Schiff, H Living Through Mourning 1986 Penguin  
Grief-Pro Sims, D. If I Could Just See Hope 1993 Big A Co  
Grief-Pro Staudacher , M A Time to Grieve (meditations) 1994 HarperCollins  
Grief-Pro Staudacher , M Men & Grief 1991 New Harbinger  
Grief-Pro Tatelbaum The Courage to Grieve 1980 Harper & Rowe  
Grief-Pro Tengbom Help for Bereaved Parents 1981 Concordia Publishing House  
Grief-Pro Wheeler; Pike Goodby My Child 1992 Centering Corp  
Grief-Pro Wunnenberg , K. Grieving the Loss of a Loved One 2000 Zondervan  
Grief-Pro Lightner, Candy Giving Sorrow Words. How to Cope with Grief & Get on With Your life. 1990 Time-Warner 230 pages one of MAAD founders
Grief-Pro Mehren, Elizabeth copy #3 After The Darkest Hour The Sun Will Shine Again. A Parent’s Guide to Coping With the Loss of a Child 1997 Simon & Schuster 181 pages
Grief-Pro Wolfelt, Alan D Healing a Parent’s Grieving Heart 2002 Companion Press 109 pages
Holiday editors Holiday Hope 1998 Fairview Press  
Holiday Evans The Christmas Box 1993 self  
Holiday Graves; Williams Holiday Help 1985 ACCORD  
Kids Boulden , J Saying Goodbye Activity Book 1989 self  
Kids Busaglia The Fall of Freddie the Leaf 1982 Slack, Inc.  
Kids Chapel Answers to a Child’s Questions about Death 1979 Guideline Publishers  
Kids Gravelle , K Teenagers Face to Face with Bereavement (testimony) 1989 Mesner  
Kids Haskins; Gravelle Teenagers Face to Face with Bereavement 1989 Julian Messner  
Kids Horsley Teen Grief Relief 2007 Copyright Clearance Center  
Kids La Tour For Those Who Live 1983 self  
Kids Linn, E 150 Facts About Grieving Children 1990 Publishers Mark  
Kids Sims Am I Still a Sister? 1986 Big A & Co.  
Kids O’Tool, Donna Facing Change. Falling Apart and Coming Together Again in the Teen Years 2007 Compassion Press 43 pages
Kids-Pro Jackson Telling a Child About death 1965 Hawthorn Books  
Kids-Pro Kolf , J Teenagers talk About grief 1990 Baker  
Kids-Pro Kublr -Ross On Children & Death 1983 Collier  
Kids-Pro La Tour For Those Who Live 1983 self  
Kids-Pro Metzgar Little ears, Big Issues, Children & Loss 1991 self  
Kids-Pro Papenbrock , Voss Children’s Grief (Also one called Grief---same) 1988 Medic Publishing  
Kids-Pro Gliko-Brade, Majel Grief comes to Class 2004 Centering corporation 47 pages
Life after Amatuzio , J Forever Ours 2002 New World Library  
Life after Bethards , B There is no death 1975 Inner Light Foundation  
Life after Bethards , B There Is No Death ? ?  
Life after Collier, J Quit Kissing My Ashes 2002 Forty-Two Pub  
Life after Dubois, A We are Their Heaven 2006 Simon & Schuster  
Life after DuBois , A Don’t Kiss them Goodbye 2004 Simon & Schuster  
Life after Eadie , B Embraced by the Light (not child loss) 1992 Gold Leaf Press  
Life after Edwards Crossing Over 2001 Jodere Group  
Life after Edwards, J One Last Time ? ?  
Life after Fisher, H From Erin with Love 1995 Swallowtail Pub  
Life after Fleece, I Not by Accident 1964 Moody Bible Inst.  
Life after Georgian, L Communicating with the Dead 1995 self  
Life after Kubler -Ross On Life After Death 1991 Celestial Arts  
Life after LaGrand Message of Miracles 1999 Llewellyn Pub  
Life after Martin; Romanowski Our Children Forever 1994 Berkeley Books  
Life after Moody, R Life after Life 1975 Bantam  
Life after Morse; Perry Closer to the Light 1990 Ivy Books  
Life after Morse; Perry Transformed By the Light 1992 Random House  
Life after Newton Journey of Souls 2001 Llewellyn Pub  
Life after Northrop Second Chance 2002 Jodere Group  
Life after Novak; Sylvia A Change of Heart (heart Transplant) 1997 Little, Brown, Co Heart transplant
Life after Randles ; Hough Life After Death & the World Beyond 1998 Sterling  
Life after Sharp, K After the Light 1995 William Morro Co  
Life after Theisen ; Matera Childlight 2001 New Horizon Press  
Life after LaGrand, Louis E, Ph.D. copy # 2 Messages And Miracles. Extraordinary Experiences of The Bereaved 1999 Llewellyn Publications 292 pages
Life after -suicide Puyear , A Stephen Lives 1996 Pocket Books  
Life after-Angels Anderson, J. Where Angels Walk 1992 Ballantine  
Life after-Angels Burnham, S A Book of Angels 1990 Ballantine  
Life after-Angels Goldman, K Angel Encounters 1995 Simon & Schuster  
Life after-Angels Shedd , Charlie Brush of an Angel’s Wing 1994 Guideposts  
Life after-Angels Tyler, Kelsey There’s an Angel on Your Shoulder 1994 Berkeley Books  
Murder Hansen Those of Us Who Care 1993 Rainbow Books  
Own story Hood, Ann Comfort. A journey Through Grief     185 pages
Own story Buthman . D Thin Ice 1990 Centering Corp  
Own story Centering Corp Dear Parents (letters) 1989 Centering Corp  
Own story Deford , F Alex – The Life of a Child 1983 Viking Press  
Own story Crider, T Give sorrow Words 1996 Alognquin Books  
Own story Gentry Stars in the Deepest Night poetry) 1999 Writer’s Club Press  
Own story Gunther , J Death Be Not Proud 1949 Harper  
Own story Harden Longs from The edge 1989 self  
Own story Hood, A Comfort 2008 WW Norton & Co  
Own story Loizeaux Anna—A Daughter’s Life 1993 Arcade Publishing  
Own story Morrell, D Fireflies (other books too) 1988 EP Dutton  
Own story Musser, L Remember Lee (Also is God is a Birdwatcher) 1991 Centering corporation  
Own story Strommen Five Cries of Grief 1993 Harper S  
Own story Van Vechten The First Year of Forever 1987 Dwight Publishing  
Own story Vatuk My Priya (poetry) 2004 self  
Own story Vincent, E Swimming with Maya 2004 Capitol Books  
Own story Bauckus , Chapain Telling Yourself the Truth 1980 Bethany  
Recovery process Beattie, M. The Lessons of Love 1994 Harper  
Recovery process Donnelly, K. Recovering from the Loss of Your Child 1982 Berkeley Books  
Recovery process James; Cherry The Grief Recovery Handbook 1988 Harper Perennial  
Recovery-Pro Pearson, J Marriage After Mourning 1995 Kendall Hunt  
Recovery-Pro Staudacher Beyond Grief 1987 New Harbinger  
Religious Biebel , D Jonathan—You Left Too Soon 1981 Thomas Nelson Publishers  
Religious Claypool, J Tracks of a Fellow Struggler 1974 Key Word Book  
Religious Derksen ; Nash The Other Side of Sorrow 1982 Ausberg Publish House  
Religious Heavilin Roses in December 1993 Harvest House  
Religious Heavilin December’s Song 1988 Here’s Life  
Religious Johnson No Time To Waste 1971 Zondervan Pub  
Religious Koop Sometimes Mountains Move 1979 Tindale House Pub  
Religious Kushner, H. When Bad Things Happen to Good People 1981 Avon Books  
Religious Landorf Mourning Song 1974 Fleming Revel Co  
Religious McAllister, D Hope Through a Father’s Vision & a Mother’s Grief 2001 Healing Broken Hearst Ministry  
Religious McGee Death of a Little Child 1979 Through the Bible Books  
Religious Mead, E Lay Up Your Treasures in Heaven 1977 Logos International  
Religious Munday I Wasn’t Ready 1991 Skipjack Press  
Religious Pinkson , T Do They Celebrate Christmas in Heaven? ? Rakan (several religions)  
Religious Schiff, H The Bereaved Parent 1977 Penguin  
Religious Taylor, R When Life Is Changed Forever 1992 Harvest House  
Religious Wolterstorff , N. Lament for a Son 1987 WB Eerdrmans Pub  
Suicide Bolton; Mitchell My Son My Son 1983 self  
Suicide Chance, S Stronger Than Death 1992 Avon  
Suicide Glover, B Lost & Found 1997 Sevgo Press  
Suicide Grollman , E. Suicide – Prevention, Intervention, Postvention 1971 Beacon Press  
Suicide Johnson Suicide of a Child NR NR  
Suicide Lukas;Seiden Silent Grief 1988 Charles Schribner  
Suicide Wrobleski Suicide: Why 1989 self  
Suicide Wrobleski Suicide Survivors 1991 self  
Suicide Hippie, Eric Real Men Do Cry 2008 Quality of Life 119 pages Pro football player
Suicide- Oats (editor) After Suicide 1980 Westminister Pr  
Suicide-religious Puryear , A. Stephen Lives 1992 Pocket Books  


Kind Author Title Date Publisher  
CD Grief Allen, Barbara When Substance Abuse is a Factor in the Death of a Child   Compassionate Friends  
CD Grief-Pro Sims, Darci Finding Your way Through Grief   Grief Inc  
CD Holidays Sims, Darci Handling the Holidays 2002 Grief Inc  
CD-Grief Pro Compassionate friends After a child dies   Compassionate Friends  
Tape Grief Jelly, Joanne What Does a Loss Really Mean      
Tape Grief Heavilin, Marilyn Telling Your story Effectively      
Tape-Religion Gilbert, Dick Use and Abuse of Religion in Grief      


Missing books

Author Title copies
Altea , R Proud Spirit none available
Altea , R The Eagle & The Rose none available
Beattie, M. The Lessons of Love 1 missing
Bolton; Mitchell My Son My Son 1 missing
Chance, S Stronger than Death (suicide) none available
Claypool, J Tracks of a Fellow Struggler 1 missing
Eadie , B Embraced by the Light (not child loss) 1 missing
Edler , R Into the Valley & Out Again none available
Eneroth , C Does Anybody Else Hurt this Bad – And Live 1 missing
Fox, S I Have No Intention of Saying Goodbye none available
Goodman Love Never Dies none available
Graves; Williams Holiday Help 1 missing
Guggenheim Hello from Heaven none available
Heartley , H A Father’s Feelings After Losing a Child none available
Johnson Suicide of a Child 1 missing
Knapp, R. Beyond Endurance 1 missing
Kushner, H. When Bad Things Happen to Good People 1 missing
Martin; Romanowski Our Children Forever 1 missing
Moody, R Life after Life 1 missing
Morrell, D Fireflies (other books too) 1 missing
Mundy, J I Wasn’t Ready none available
Osgood, J Meditations for Bereaved Parents none available
Pinkson , T Do They Celebrate Christmas in Heaven? 1 missing
Rosof , B The Worst Loss 1 missing
Sanders, K How to Survive the Loss of a Child none available
Staudacher , M Men & Grief 2 missing
Steiger B & S Children of the light none available
Strommen Five Cries of Grief 1 missing
Van Vechten The First Year of Forever 1 missing

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